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Assalamu Alaykum,

this msg is from sister to me to share with world :

Will he see his mother again ?

Yes if you will help..! Please don;t forget to reblog this post,i hope atleast this much you can do for him.may be your some friend can help…please re-blog…

her message :

//brother and sisters,

Im collecting fund for eye surgery of my sister son Bardar,he is victim of Israel bombing in recent Gaza war,family lost everything when Israeli tank bombed house,bardar lost his father also,last week 1 eye surgery was successful,2nd surgery end of this week.we still need 1650 usd is left for 2nd eye campaign will end in 34 hrs.please help us…

please help us and remember us in your duas..

thank you.


May Allah swt bless the supporters of sister’s campaign.

help her please.

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Anonymous asked: Salam I really like your page its amazing mashaAllah! I wanted to seek some advice would u be able to help please? X


Well,i can help or not,this i can say only after you send your queries…if Allah wish…then may be i will be helpful….inshahAllah..

rest Allah knows the best

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Anonymous asked: salam i created a new tumblr and i would like a shout out (or in other words making people follow my tumblr. its all about islam and advise as well so please i would appreciate it, salam and may allah be with you


you don;t have to do anything…just do your posting…by default the following button for visitors are activated by company..

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Anonymous asked: i love a boy can he be my boyfriend?

you can love any one,but u can;t have boyfriend…

Islam is not against Love…

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Anonymous asked: dear brother or sister whoever you are,can u help me by answering my question please?

sure,I will try my best…InshahAllah….do let me know..