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Anonymous asked: Salam I really like your page its amazing mashaAllah! I wanted to seek some advice would u be able to help please? X


Well,i can help or not,this i can say only after you send your queries…if Allah wish…then may be i will be helpful….inshahAllah..

rest Allah knows the best

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Anonymous asked: salam i created a new tumblr and i would like a shout out (or in other words making people follow my tumblr. its all about islam and advise as well so please i would appreciate it, salam and may allah be with you


you don;t have to do anything…just do your posting…by default the following button for visitors are activated by company..

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Anonymous asked: i love a boy can he be my boyfriend?

you can love any one,but u can;t have boyfriend…

Islam is not against Love…

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Anonymous asked: dear brother or sister whoever you are,can u help me by answering my question please?

sure,I will try my best…InshahAllah….do let me know..

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Anonymous asked: Salam akhi/uhti! the quotes are truly amazing mash'Allah! do you mind if i quoted them on twitter for ex.- "A good looking woman works out to keep her body in shape. But a pretty woman kneels down in prayer to keep her heart in shape."

JazakAllah khair for feedback…

Yes,Please do….

Praise be to Allah..

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Anonymous asked: can a girl and boy fall in love at the right age and when family agrees get nikah done as soon as posiibl

there is no problem in loving someone…but after falling no extra acts,get marriage and enjoy life…no meeting , dating…waiting…Islam is not against Love…Islam is against the unauthorized ways….which leads us to do big sins…

hope this help you! InshahAllah